Kristof Jarman

Mechanical Engineering Undergrad



Hey! I'm Kristof. I'm an Engineering Undergrad here at USW, Treforest campus. Before starting university I spent 2 years working for Rocket Repairs where I worked on fixing/upgrading PCs, Laptops, Games Consoles, Mobile Phones, and generally any modern (or even retro!) electronics.

Let me help you.

If you're having issues with your PC, Laptop, Macbook, Playstation, Xbox, mobile phone, I can probably fix it (and if I can't, I'll be able to point you in the right direction)

  • PCs: Upgrading, repair, software installs, diagnosis
  • Consoles: Repairs, storage upgrades, controller repairs or even upgrade your controllers!
  • Phones: Repairs, cracked screens, software issues
  • General electronics: Happy to take a look at any general electronics issue

I'm currently staying in Glamorgan Court, Block N. Where possible your repairs will be done onsite, but if something needs to be sent away then we can discuss that at the time.
All my prices are transparent and all parts will be cost price (you pay what I paid for it). My prices start at £20 for jobs that takes under an hour and anything longer pricing can be agreed before I start.


PC Repair 100%
Console Repair 100%
Phone Repair 75%
General Electronics Repair 80%
Upgrade Advice 95%
Playing Squash 55%


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Glamorgan Court, Block N


07704 907675